ISO 22716 certification in Dubai

The cosmetic industry is a vast industrial sector with many local and international players producing cosmetics with different ingredients. Also, they have different markets to target. But they need one certificate of quality called ISO 22716 certification in Dubai to prove they maintain a high quality in their products.

The International Organization for Standardization has put a set of standards called Good Manufacturing Practice for the cosmetic industry. Known as GMP, the standards ensure compliance with all international quality control regulations. Also, these standards apply to international markets. They have many advantages for both leading and upcoming cosmetic brands.

Advantages of Good Manufacturing Practice

1. Legal compliance

ISO 22716 certification in Dubai is proof of compliance with all regulatory frameworks set for the cosmetic industry. In other words, you won’t have to worry about studying and fulfilling different regulations as ISO 22716 standards include all regulations. If you follow these standards, you follow all regulations.

2. Safety from legal action

A faulty product can drown your business forever. If you don’t follow strict quality regulations, you will always live in fear of facing legal action. Anyone from your customers can drag your business to any court in the world and make you pay heavy compensation for a spurious cosmetic product. But you can prevent it from happening to your business with ISO 22716 standards.

3. Streamline your business

ISO 22716 certification in Dubai will streamline your business from manufacturing to distribution. You will have better control over the quality of your products from the manufacturing to use. Cosmetic products have to be transported in temperature-controlled vehicles. Similarly, they are stored in specific conditions. You need to take care of the entire supply change management because even a minor mistake could cost you dearly.

4. Boost your brand value

Following ISO 22716 standards will boost your brand value. You will become one of the leading brands with ISO certification. It will help in marketing and branding your products. They will be acceptable in all countries and markets. You will be able to penetrate new markets and make more profit in the long run.

5. Stand out in the crowd

With ISO 22716 certification in Dubai, you can make your business stand out in the crowd. You will get a competitive advantage that others don’t. Also, it can be said that you can give tough competition to established brands.